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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Website users


The Website Owner, as defined in the Terms of Use of this Website, respects Your privacy and is committed to maintaining it as required by the provisions of the applicable law.

The purpose of the privacy policy detailed below is, among other things, to explain the practices of the Website Owner in relation to the privacy of its customers, and how it uses the information provided to it by users or collected by it as part of the provision of services within the Website.

Personal information” – means the set of data that, by themselves, or when they are found side by side, can be used to identify a person, including first and last name, residential address/address for mailing, e-mail address and any other personal information that You provide to the Website Owner when You use the Website.


Delivery of information and collection of information


In some cases, it is possible that the use of the Website and/or contacting the Website Owner in order to purchase a Product offered through the Website, will require the provision of personal information; Providing the information is not mandatory, but if You do not provide it, You will not be able to use the services offered on the Website and the Website Owner will not be able to respond to Your request.

In addition to personal information provided by You to the Website Owner, the Website Owner may collect information about Your usage habits on the Website, such as the identity of the pages You visited, the length of time You spent on them, the content You viewed, etc. Usually, this is statistical information in nature, which does not identify You personally by name, address or phone number.

To the extent required by law, the personal information You provided to the Website Owner, as much as You provided, will be stored in the Website Owner’s database (the “Database“).

When providing the personal information to the Website Owner, You guarantee that the details You provided are correct, complete and not incorrect or falsified. For Your information, during contact with the Website Owner, it is possible that Your conversation will be recorded for the purpose of control and improvement of the service.


Information collection and use Purposes


You know and agree that the Website Owner will use the Personal Information for any purpose in accordance with the provisions of any applicable law. For example, the Website Owner may use the Personal Information for purposes of providing services or Products, and for the purpose of changing and improving the content and services on the Website, to improve user experience, to provide technical support services, analysis of Website usage habits, and creating statistical information. Also, the Website Owner  may use the personal information subject to the law in order to send You occasional direct mail and/or newsletters and/or messages, including updates on various promotions, innovations in the services provided and/or in the Products offered, discount vouchers, messages and/or various advertisements (on behalf of the Website Owner  and/or third parties) that we think You may find interesting (“Advertisements“).

Your use of the Website and Your agreement to the rules of this policy constitute consent to receive advertising in accordance with the provisions of section 30a of the Telecommunications Law (Bezeq and Services), 1982. Please note that, subject to the provisions of the law, at any time You may request to stop receiving such advertisement.


Providing information to a third party


As a rule, the Website Owner will not transfer the Personal Information to third parties except in one of the cases detailed below:

  1. If the Website Owner has asked for Your permission, and You have given Your consent to it;
  2.  If the delivery of the Personal Information is within the framework of cooperation between the Website Owner and third parties within the Website, when the Personal Information is needed by that third party in order to provide the services to You, to the extent required for the provision of the services and/or the Product and/or the operation of the Website. In some cases, You will have to agree to the privacy terms applied by the third party in order to benefit from the services.
  3. To any of the Website Owner’s affiliated corporations, members of the board of directors, officers, consultants, representatives, employees, agents and/or subsidiary corporations, and anyone acting on its behalf – subject to the provisions of the law;
  4. To identify, prevent or treat security problems or technical problems as well as situations where the Website is used by those who are predicted not to be authorized to use the services and this to prevent fraud and impersonation.
  5. In order to comply with any law, including in response to legal proceedings, a disclosure order or a request by a court or any competent court or other authority, instructing the Website Owner to hand over Your details or personal information about You to the court or court or other authority or to a party any third party;
  6. In the event of a legal dispute between You and the Website Owner that would require the disclosure of Your details;
  7. If You perform actions on the Website and/or through the Website which, at the opinion of the Website Owner, are contrary to the law or contrary to the Terms of Use of the Website;
  8. If the Website Owner sells the Website’s activity and/or transfers the Website in any way, in whole or in part, to any third party, in return or not, whether by way of transfer of rights or by way of granting a license or sub-license – and in the event that the Website Owner merges with another body or merges the Website’s activity with the activity of a third party, provided that this third party is obliged to follow the rules of the Terms of Use, including the privacy policy.




You acknowledge that in order to enhance Your experience with the Website, our web pages may place in Your computer’s browser ‘cookies’, which are text files that store the IP address of Your computer and this way enable tracking Your preferences by showing which Websites You visit. By themselves, cookies do not reveal Your e-mail address or other PII except for the IP address, but once PII is collected from You (pursuant to this Privacy Policy) it may be linked to the data stored in the cookie. Basically, we use cookies to understand Your usage of the service or the Website; more specifically, we use them for recognizing Your access to the Website, tracking Your browsing history and learning through where You arrived at the Website. You can refuse cookies by turning them off on Your browser. But, if You choose to access web pages that require registration, You need to accept a mandatory session cookie, which You can delete after You leave the Website. You may set most browsers to notify You if You receive a cookie, or You may choose to block cookies with Your browser, but if You do, You may not be able to take advantage of the personalized features enjoyed by other users of the Website.

You also acknowledge that third parties serving advertising through the Website may place cookies in Your computer’s browser for examination and recording of Your interaction with such advertisements. Such cookies may log Your IP address, the location, size, display time and display duration of the advertisement. Cookies placed by such third parties are not subject to our control.


Right to review information 


According to the Privacy Protection Law 1981-1981, any person may review the information held about him in a database, and that person may also request the owner of the database to correct the information or delete it, if it is found that the information held on that person is incorrect, complete, clear, or updated. An appeal is possible to the Magistrate Court for the refusal of the owner of the database to fulfill this request, in the way and in the manner stipulated in the regulations.

Before we allow You to review and/or update and/or delete the Personal Information that has been collected about You, we must verify Your identity, at our sole discretion. Identity verification may include, among other things, questions about Your email address, a verification code that will be sent to Your phone number and/or email address (the “Identification Procedure“). After we receive a request to review the information, we will work to provide You with the requested information within a reasonable time and in accordance with the law. If You found that the information is incorrect or not updated, You may contact the Website Owner in order to correct and/or update the information and/or if You wish to delete the Personal Information about You from the Website Owner’s database, at the following e-mail address For Your attention – the deletion of the aforementioned information may prevent the Website Owner from providing You with all or part of the services on the Website.

The Website Owner reserves the right to change the provisions of this privacy policy or any part of them from time to time, at its sole discretion. The full responsibility for knowing the terms of this privacy policy, as updated from time to time applies, at any time, to You alone and we recommend that You update Yourself from time to time with such changes. 

You can contact the Website Owner by email:

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